Our Mission

EventGenie is a full-service creative agency.

To enable this to happen there are a team of people all across the globe pushing this common vision where we THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.




What We Believe

Keep our Imagination in Motion

Lead the way Responsibly

Support our Client’s ideas Respectfully and Actively

Make MAGIC by turning Words into Actions

Transformation as Proof that Change is Fundamental for Growth

Cross Boundaries to Continuously Discover Novelties

Exceed Expectations!

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EventGenie –  an international network of creative minds working together to foster synergies and nourish exchanges of ideas, cultures, experiences in the fields of Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Art and much, much more…

Our People

The Brainchild behind JD Global and it’s subsidiaries including EventGenie – Imagination in Motion…
SocialEntrepeneur Xtraordinaire – Mom to two gorgeous kids, Culture Vulture, changing perceptions my way.
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LaylaOperations Manager
Creative mind, sniffing out the best creatives in the world
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KERRYTeam Leader
All-round creative mind. Thinking outside the box is what I’m best at
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Bringing Ideas to Life!